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COVID-19 Statement

In addition to enhanced cleaning protocols, we are proud to partner with Vytis Shield barrier coatings to create an environment that is hospital-proven to reduce bioburden (germs and other gross stuff) on all of our surfaces. In simple terms, our surfaces like door handles, sinks, and walls can eliminate over 99% of germs on contact. 

Although nothing can compare to social-distancing, wearing a mask, and washing your hands, we feel really great about the protection that Vytis Shield offers. Trust us, if we could coat our kids in this stuff, we would.  We offer this service at no additional cost to our clients.

From Vytis Shield:

"Vytis Shield helps to close the gap where cross-contamination occurs, keeping the environment protected between cleanings, hand washing, and sanitizing.  Our System includes a combination of technologies implemented throughout the hospital or your facility. Vytis Shield technicians apply a variety of coatings to safely modify surfaces so that environmental bioburden is significantly reduced."

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